старые деревянные дома в спб

Tree Houses In Pbs

The PTS manufacturing firm has been working on the construction of wooden houses since 1995. At present, the main focus of our activities is on the one hand, the construction of wooden houses for permanent residence, on the other hand, the construction of budget houses for use during the spring-heat season.
On this page, we will try to help you determine the type of wooden house that depends on your tasks and the idea of the cost of building.

Tree houses for permanent residence

Wooden houses that can be comfortable with a round year are built from massive wood. It's usually that. home from profiled brusheor cylindrobed. It is undeniable that houses are also suitable for permanent residence from a dry, cool brushe, but they already have a different price.

The main distinguishing feature of wooden houses for permanent residence is the fat, massive walls capable of accumulating heat. If it is a bruise, its thickness shall be not less than 150 mm, and if it is brewed, 200 mm or even 220 mm. But it must be borne in mind that the cost of wooden houses suitable for permanent residence in the budget version is slightly below a million roubles, and in decisions with original architecture of more than 100 metres square can reach 3-5 million. We'll see more of these wooden houses.

House of cylindrobed brawn

The popularity of wooden houses from cylindrovan womb came at the end of the 1990s, the beginning of the zero years, but now many of the Employers prefer these houses, only select larger brave diameters, mainly from 220 to 260 mm, although 15 years ago they were built from the 180-200 brev. We're proposing the construction of wooden houses from cylindrovan brung in two options:

  • Construction with a check-up on our production site in the SPB;
  • and making a set of logs and collecting a wooden house on the foundation of the Employer.
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