Жилой дом из оцилиндрованного

Brave House

окоренное и строганное бревноProcess of building shrimp production
Brave House Projects
Photo gallery of houses from a hand shirt
Scientists have shown that plants, grass, trees, wood not only support people ' s health, but also restore life and tones, load energy, protect against disease.What's a broken house?
Rubble houses They also call " hand shirts " or " wooden wombs " . However, there should be no confusion between the material " built-in log " and " brown " . An indigenous wreath is a shrimply processed, removed from the upper layer of the crust.
An incinerated brilliance, buoyant shrimp
Strict log is a carefully treated wood. Handwriting, as in the old one, takes place. House cuts: cost-shaping
When comparing the proposals, you may find that the same house has a different shirt from the different companies. In this case, it must be borne in mind that the house shirt is manual work.
Imagine that the quality, heat and durability of your future home depends on the hands, experience and degree of human responsibility.

These are some of the questions that have already arisen since the construction of the house in an illiterate and incorrect work:

why there are large blackouts between the wombs;
why the design of the cut complicates not only the subsequent separation, but even
Bulk and propile system installation;
Why can't you put the bed on the wall because of the crossroads?
why house planning, the location of doors and windows in reality
I don't know why the wombs got really into it.

In order to prevent the occurrence of these issues after the construction of the house, our company ' s specialists are inviting you to look at the process and the basic methods of housework. Selection of raw materials
The buoyant shrimp is a steamwood: sosna and el (pipe). A special forest with the following parameters is selected for the future home:
(differences in diameter in the upper
and the lower part of the ribs) shall be not more than 1 cm per m;
not allowed rot, harmful
insects (indigenous);
No sparkling of the shrimp stem
(except for raw materials
for decorative separation) Brave processing
After the shirt, the tree is exposed to two operations: the cartridge and the sting.
срубы домов строганное бревно дом из бревна рубленные дома
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