Сборные дома

Houses Are Prefabricated

At the European Championship Selection Tournament, 2017 U21, a young prefabricated Russia at the Olymp-2 stadium in Rostov-na-Donu played a tie with a score of 2:2 with the counters from Azerbaijan.

The guests came forward at the beginning of the second time when Maher Madatov was distinguished. On the 51st minute, the Rossians were able to play with the exact impact of Ilya Zuev, and five minutes later, Dmitri Barin led the owners of the field forward. However, Nicolai Pisareva's trustee scored a short time: three minutes later, Rahill Mamedov set the final result.

On 29 March, a young assembly of Russia in Rostov-na-Dona will play with German counterparts.

Head: Madatov, 46 (0:1); Zuev, 51 (1:1); Barin, 56 (2:1); Mammedov, 59 (2:2).

Russia: Borodjko, Karawaev, Kuftin, I. Zuev, Zivogov, Barin, Zobnin, Petrov (Guliev, 61), Eframov (A. Zuev, 77), Tashaev (Koryan, 70), Sheidaev.
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