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Beautiful Houses From Cylindrovan Wrench

  • House of cylindrovan ного No1 (65) '2016 Wolog Circus from wood

A nice wooden house is built on a living room on a cologne. The project was characterized by a unique wood rubber: white-coloured balcony fence and terrace, end-cashers and other architectural parts resembled a circle of vological workshops. In the design of interriers, the traditional Russian wooden house is well-defined. ♪

  • House of cylindrovan ная No1 (65) '2016 Territorial romance

The project was based on a concept called " Urban Romantics " , created by the architect-designator, Xenia Miterina. The original idea was rethinked in view of the way of life of the family, its tastes and preferences. And despite the small area of the standard site, the architect has been able to fulfil his task, the house has been very impressive and, at the same time, terrific, harbor, simplic living room and living room. ♪ ♪

  • House of cylindrovan о No4 (62) '2015 with a view to the lake

The modern house from the brev is built on the shore of one of the lakes of the Karel isth. The site has a high crossroads. This predetermined the architecture of the building, which is organically inscribed in the landscape: on the side of the road, the house looks two-story and on the side of the lake is three-stage. The Panoramaic glazing of the main facade goes up three floors. ♪ ♪

Eccles in a design developed for a barbed house can be both self-responsive and form the basis for further development. The design uses many facts: wood, metal, stove, textile, glass. Found features of the deco are embedded by thin lines of the chandelier, the country ' s theme is found in the context of recreational zones. ♪ ♪

  • House of cylindrovan а No5 (57) '2014 Landing Architecture

The project is a good example of the establishment of a full-scale landing in a small area located in the cottage settlement in the area of the protected area. The complex includes a living house with several bedrooms, a traditional bath that is black and a precipitation. ♪ ♪

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