Проекты домов из бревна и

Projects Of Houses From Cylindrovan Price

A shiny 1-stage suburban house of 13x14m with 4th bedrooms of adhesive / and a more budgeted probe (150 km)
омProject is possible in branch performance
Indicative price with undercover foundation
ногоis cylindrovan brawn f24cm or profiled brace 145x145m~2.75mln.r
140x200mm slice.
The living space consists of four bedrooms (two to 17 square metres, 15 square metres and 12 square metres), a kitchen bed, a living room with a fire, a simple corridor, a tibur, a sanul, a side entrance and two wings.
The kitchen bed and the living room may be combined with the corridor, forming a simple common area.
The main advantage of single-stage houses is the comfort in operation and a large area of use compared to double-deck houses by the absence of a staircase requiring separate space.
Clay bruise
A house built from a glued brushe is the most reliable. Houses of adhesive braces are almost completely avoided by deformation (as all parts of the design are in different directions), with little horizontal cracks on the material. Clementary brushe is perfect for regions with a particularly cold climate.
♪ The walls shall be made of a glue bruis of pine 140 (high) mm x 200 (shire)m.
♪ First floor height 2800mm
Wooden balls.
♪ The bald section is 200x100 mm.
♪ The distance between the balls is 600 mm.
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