Цена строительства дома из

Cost Of Building A House From Cylindrovan Brawn

Selling cylindrovan womb from the northern forest!



Price for 1 cubic metres, rouble

1 cubic m, rub (storm)


d 180-200

7500 t/p

d 220-240

7800 t/p

d 260-280

8100 t/p

d 300

8,400 t/p

Body. 1 Andrei

Ocylindroben - it's a ferreted wree, which has been mechanically processed in special equipment and has the same diameter in its length. A specific profile may be given from the type of shrimp used.

The production process consists of the following steps:

1. The rhythm is pre-classified by diameter.

2. The classified raw material is delivered to the processing machine.

3. After cylindrical treatment, the brute shall be painted on the details of the house with disk or chain drinks.

4. After coughing, every detail of the house at the warm time of the year is treated with antiseptic. Antiseptic prevents the contamination of fresh wood by mushrooms and moulds.

5. The details of the house processed are packed in transport packages and sent to a warehouse for further transportation to the assembly site.

Main types of cylindrovan bars used in the manufacture of cylindrovan tags: gangway machines and position (tem-Freser). Long and centre machines, as well as chanterelles, are used to process the logs.

Once the shrimp has been given a certain profile and the clippings of the " patches " , the ad hoc convoys shall be anti-settled on a water basis in order to avoid the influence of weather conditions during the transport and assembly of the building. This pre-treatment anti-septic doesn't complicate wood capillaries, which makes it natural to dry a shrimp in a building and not to become blue.

In the same diameter, the construction process produces a more solid structure and minimizes the distance between the barrels on the junction. The panes are sealed by the properties of the leakproofness of the angular and vein compounds, they create solid walls and have a high insulation capacity. The surface is smooth and does not require additional treatment of the walls
As a rule, the building ' s cushion takes between 4 and 6 months (depending from time of year), after which the shrimp is once again covered from the outside of the building by another type of anti-septic anti-septic that prevents it from being dried, rotten, petty. As thorns rise up during the drying on the surface of the brev, to make the wall perfectly smooth, the surface of the bare inside the building is bluffed and covered by the paw.

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