Бани и Дома из Цельного бревна

A Whole Womb House

Every respectable builder has an opinion in one way or another about the winter forest. Some say the winter is better than the summer, others say the difference is small. We decided to put a point on this eternal question. The answer to it is, as always, outside the task.
Resume all the material we found in a few sentences. Summer forest has less humidity than winter - a fact confirmed by research.
However, according to some data, the winter forest contains more air and acid, i.e. natural antiseptics. As far as I can tell.
All these swings and observations are related to the throne. The nucleus, in the view of all sources, has no bright seasonality. The right question, therefore, is what the shell of land and what shells are more natural antiseptics.
Therefore, all points over and above the E characterizes the core tree as a breed where, different from the leaflet, for example, the shell is only 10 per cent tired of the nucleus resistance to the pulp and mushrooms. I mean, there's no special difference in the venom of the pine and the swamps. Seasonal fluctuation in silencing and moulds refers to tree species whose kernel sustainability and shells are very different, for example, from the shell, this difference is three times. I mean, you want to build a leaflet, you'd better take it in winter, 'cause it's particularly sensitive to the mould, which means it really matters how many acids and oils in it at the time of the shirt. The seasonality is very small.
However, all discussions about the winter and summer forest are unequivocally reduced to the fact that the durability of the logs is more determined by the processing time of the logs, the incineration and the cultivation of the cut. And it's clear that winter is the most appropriate time for construction, not for the woods!
Why? Because the traditional slaughterhouses involve a serious breach of the forest ' s integrity, instantly allowing all destructive factors to influence the kernel of the shrimp by cutting the swamp. The vagina and the mud are very quick to harm the lost integrity of the wreath. Therefore winter is the most favourable time for cuts.
Now, we're very often asked about the best of the forest. build houses It's from the whole log. The answer, I think, is clear. Because they're not being shrimp. ♪ ♪

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