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Business idea No. 2
Production of wooden toys
We have already written on several occasions about how to open a business involving the production of toys, including toys from natural materials and, in particular, from a tree. The relevance of this business idea is not only not diminishing. On the contrary, the difficult economic situation in the country, the sharp rise in the exchange rate and the restriction of imported products have all resulted in the revival of already forgotten traditions and increased interest in domestic games and toys.
Wooden toys are not only popular in our country. They are one of the oldest and most sustainable plays and toys in the world. However, their production in Russia is currently relatively weak. Several relatively small businesses and individual entrepreneurs work in the market. The total number of factories and individual workshops is just over 30 per country (!). The group ' s article - To compare wood toys in Europe, several hundred factories (including large enterprises with large numbers of workers) and thousands of artistic wood workers are involved.
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