Деревянные дома

Trees At Home

The countryside can meet wooden houses from the leaflet. This material is used for the construction of housing related to the Segment, as the house built from it not only has good performance, but it also looks extremely cost-effective.

Lescon is building houses from the leaflet to the key. Our specialists have developed a lot of projects for any taste, from relatively small buildings to real siege. We work fast, guarantee high quality, offer affordable prices.

Leisure: material characteristics

She has a number of features that make her home particularly popular. Among its merits is the following:

  • Environmentality: Leafwood - natural material not allergic reactions;
  • Strength and durability: this material is resistant to slight mechanical damage, is not afraid of elevated humidity and severe temperatures, is not rotated;
  • Health benefits: leaflet wood contains air oils that provide additional disinfection;
  • An attractive appearance: the leaflet doesn't need an extra strip, looks beautiful and efficient.

As home from the leaflet belongs to the premium segment, the cost may be quite high. But if you want to buy such a house of low cost, come to us, and we'll try to choose a project that matches your financial possibilities.

Make every effort.

The construction of a leaflet house is one of the main activities of Lescon. The extensive experience and professionalism of the staff, the use of modern technology enables us to rapidly build a place adapted to your location and your wishes.

On the website, you'll find a lot of ready-to-date research, meet pictures of projects already implemented. Look, any project can be modified according to your needs. Just tell our specialists what you need, and they'll make the necessary adjustments. We guarantee that your home from the leaflet will be beautiful, cozy, reliable, durable and affordable.

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