Обвязка винтового фундамента

Home With Braces

Houses from the brushe are very popular. The benefits of building houses from the brushe include the efficient use of wood, the speed of construction, the possibility of mechanizing many construction processes. Wooden brothels are more economical than rowing or cylindrovan-based shrimp, as the same amount of brushe is required to be less than rotten or cylindrobed. The absorption depth of 150 mm is equal to the average diameter of 200 mm.

Village houses from the brushe are usually used with a bruise of rectangular or square section. For houses and seasonal dwellings, a thickness of 140 mm is sufficient.brus2 If the house is built for permanent residence, it is recommended that the brus be applied with a thickness of at least 190 mm.

Photo 1

Photo 2

With regard to the construction of the brushe, we refer in the first place to a profiled (small) brushe. Even recently, such a brushe was considered to be quite expensive for construction.brus3 However, the popularity of this type of material and the apparent advantages of conventional, inappropriate brushes have led to a multiplicity of productions and, as a consequence, to lower costs (foto 1, 2). Today, the profiled brushe is 15 to 25 per cent higher than normal. However, the cost of construction from such a brushe is also cheaper because the cost of separation is significantly reduced. Walls home from profiled brushe Already sharp at the factory, and the scattering is done to mount windows, doors, floors and ceilings.

The profiled bruise is:

  • The beautiful appearance of a naturally constructed tree without visible contaminants;
  • Possibility of discharges (in cup with residue);
  • Possibility of angular compounds in the plant;
  • The availability of a profile significantly improves the thermal saving properties of the house.

Photo 3

Photo 4

All wooden houses, including the brushe, according to the GOST, can be divided into two main types:

Houses collected in the corner (Lap, tail, etc.) (foto 3);

brus4 brus5

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