Строительство дома из бруса

The Barrel House With Its Hands

Construction and sequential materials are selected during the design, communication or construction of existing communications, procurement and storage of building materials, house location, size and internal planning, roof installation is planned.

Brush house project

Before the material is purchased and construction begins, it is necessary to obtain permission to build a house, to calculate the costs to be incurred and to save capital. The project should contain drawings indicating all sizes and poetic planning.

The papers are all signed, the project is on hand, and now it's time to start construction.


Building the foundation is considered the most labour-intensive construction process. The strength of the building depends on its quality. To make the right choice of the type of foundation, the following parameters need to be known:

  1. Geodetic research on the ground.
  2. The size of the building and its load on the foundation.
  3. The design features of the building.

Проект дома из брусаFundament is made of iron or wood. There's a brick cap on a solid concrete base and then they start building walls from the brushe. If you want to live in a house built entirely from a tree, build a wooden foundation.

Wood foundation

Specialists recommend that wooden houses be equipped with both a ribbon and a base. The depth of the deposit may be small or deep. Mostly make small-scale deepening or a ribbon. By technology, at least 50 cm and not more than 70 cm.

Whatever form of foundation is chosen or recommended by the architect, it can be done by its own efforts.

Pay attention! Up to 30 per cent of the total construction budget is spent on building the foundation.
Деревянный фундамент Брус из хвойных пород
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