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We're Building A House With Our Hands On Video

Каркасный домOf course, by designing their own home, every man first thinks of his planning and appearance. But the most important is the method of construction itself and the type of material for its construction.

You can build a house. Bethon or brick. This type of house will be pretty strong. But their construction will require too much labor, and keeping the normal temperature inside the room at a cold time of the year will require a lot of energy.

A good alternative to such structures is carcas type houses.Устройство фундамента The main difference from standard housing is that they can be built almost alone. To lift the heavy beams, an improvised design, such as wells, can be used. At the end of the construction, he's just doing it.

Why start building a carcas house with your hands? Project. By designing this house, we should take into account the length of the board and the bruise we will use.Сборка каркаса By bringing the board together is not long enough, we weaken the design. We're talking about the board and the braces of the closure.


If you have a home project on your hands, you can start building it. The first thing is the foundation. The added value of the carcasing house is that because of its ease, the need for a solid foundation is no longer necessary.Обшивка стен It's a simple, curly type. It is important to note, at the home, the sliding spaces with their exact location under the backbones. The distance between the stacks is 80 to 100 cm.

If the area is marked with broken boilers, it is necessary to drill at their seat the well depths of 120-150 cm and 200 mm diameter. An anti-corrosion pipe with an internal diameter of 100 mm can be used as a sway. Asbestos pipes will be successful. The installation of the pipes shall be strictly maintained at the same level, taking the first installed pipe behind the beacon. It should be planted with a little boiling in the bottom of the well. The rest of us are just on this mark. You can pull the bleach for each row and adjust it by level.

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