Брусовый дом под ключ

Copper House

брусовой дом под ключ, брусовые дома недорого под ключConstruction of rubber houses the city's going to turn. This is the material that selects the majority of developers who seek to build fast, quality and cheap. Thanks to the excellent operational properties, as well as the convenience of the locking system, the design elements are assembled as a designer. The high precision of the size achieved at the production stage guarantees the strength of the compound, so low-cost houses from the brushe are widely distributed as a universal option for private housekeeping in different regions of Russia.

The only shortage of brushe buildings is the difficulty of organizing additional engineering communications. Like power grids. It's very difficult to wire in an already built house. To this end, the integrity of the design will have to be compromised by degrading its performance. The wire will look ugly, all the wires will be seen in an unarmed look. Because the main feature of the design of communications in the brushe building is the pre-positioning of special pause material.

строительство брусовых домов, брусовые дома недорого

It is therefore better to communicate at the time of construction of the building. The situation is also complicated by the fact that most of the basic packages “brushe house" There is no provision for electrical wire, which some developers are simply forgetting. It is therefore important that this segment of the work be discussed with the perpetrators at the time of the conclusion of the contract. Then you'll be confident that your construction will be electrical, and there will be no problem with this work.

Small houses are beautiful, cozy, long-term housing. However, fire safety regulations should be kept in mind in construction. This is particularly the case for electricity, which should take into account all existing norms and standards. Otherwise, the risk of fire increases dramatically.

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