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Construction Cost

Hit Parad other useful features of the brick

Fire safety. Brick doesn't burn in flames, can't be a source of fire.

Neutrality. It's not eaten by insects, rodents and harmful microorganisms. Flash and mushrooms also do not attack such a strong rival.

Persistence. The walls built from this material are breathing, effectively regulating microclimate in the interior of the building.

Environmental. This is completely " subsistence " . It does not use a gram of chemistry.

Shoeproof. The brick is swallowing red sound, so the building built from it is securely protected from the outside noises.

In addition to this impressive list, the brick has two positive qualities for building houses:

  • Doesn't limit architect fantasy. A small calibre of working elements helps to create unusual, complex forms and buildings.
  • A rich color gamma brick. In addition to classic colours of material (white and red), there is a technical opportunity to paint a brick in any appropriate tone.
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