Дом П-97 «Светлые просторы»

House Projects Are Mild


The construction of houses from the glued brushe came to our country from Europe. The materials used in cottage construction have a great number of advantages inaccessible traditional materials.

It is worth noting that the external design of the material, the durability and the high performance of the material is unsuccessful.

The project at home from a glued brushe can only be limited to the architect's fantasy.


House projects From the adhesive brushe, the production of the FOLES GS is prepared, on the basis of unpredictable operational quality of the material, even under difficult conditions.

Strict adherence to the European quality standard DIN 1052 is a measure of care for our clients.

The construction of a home from a glued brushe is safety of operation, durability and relatively low cost.

Non-standard structures

The building of a house with a glued brushe is the minimum core load, which allows for additional construction.

If you have a need to expand the living area, we will offer optimum material for your plans.

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