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Construction Of A Home

Собственный домThe home is not only a dream of British traditions, according to which a small house is better than a luxury apartment, but it is also a real opportunity to take advantage of small-sized housing. From the beginning of the idea of building the house until the construction of the plant, the idea generator has been embarking on a difficult path to select the land, conduct engineering and geotic research, design, negotiation, authorization, building and commissioning.

In practice, there are three ways of realizing the idea:

  1. Construction of a contractor;
  2. Self-design;
  3. The first two.

In general, self-sustaining is the most attractive option in terms of the budget, and the construction of the contractor is the best in terms of quality. However, a compromise in the form of partial performance on its own, and in part, with the involvement of specialists, is the best solution that will preserve the quality and cost balance.

The construction of their own home begins with the definition of how to implement the idea. At the same time, the selection of the land area in the first option of construction by the contractor can be trusted by specialists and errors in the selection of the site are avoided. The only risk for a homeowner is the choice of an unreliable contractor. It is therefore necessary to examine the characteristics of the contractor ' s choice before starting the first option.

Selection of construction company

СамостройThe professional approach and the selection of a reliable contractor is a 100 per cent guarantee of the quality of work in accordance with construction standards and the list of norms: fire, departmental, environmental, sanitary, other. The construction will therefore result in a reliable, lasting and safe construction for the inhabitants, which, without special care for maintenance, will serve the projected number of years, depending on the length of service of the materials. The main services of professional market participants - construction companies are:

  1. Object study (engineered-geodes surveys, site photofixing, survey);
  2. Design (short-based project, individual architectural project);
  3. Harmonization of the project, documentation, authorization (ground committee, architectural administration, local authorities, other authorities);
  4. Construction (new construction, collection and delivery of materials, construction site preparation, construction of the SMR, fences, engineering, etc.);
  5. Location, separation;
  6. Disein-project;
  7. Land improvement;
  8. Landscape design.
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