Северный лес

North Forest

Even today, when it seems that our towns are entirely composed of concrete and plastic, construction is not possible without lumber. The rapid development of small-scale construction, observed in recent years, has supported dry timber at a high level of demand.

14-18% of the material provided.

The site is purely informational and is not a public offer (article 437 (2) of the GC F). Any questions can be asked by a website consultant or by phones at sales offices. Attention: Electronic charts are not accepted.

Dry saw from the North Forest group.

Our company sells in St. Petersburg and dry sawnwood in various names, high quality, appropriate and technological, and visual requirements for a separate timber. We have an overcharged dry board, the most popular type of dry saw.

The basic dignity of our entire product is a very attractive combination of the quality of sawnwood, their low price and the comfort of the purchase.

We'll deliver the lumbered lumber you order to any corner of the Leningrad region. Our building base has literate and responsible personnel, and you can be sure that very sensitive to the incorrect storage and transport of dry saw will be packed, loaded and shipped to the customer in the best form.

Dry lumber in construction

Like any other such material, the plywood ply consists of a number of sponge layers connected with special resin (fenolformaldehyde). This type of design ensures a high level of moisture resistance and protection against rotting.

Living wood necessarily contains a percentage of moisture. Being transformed into a sawmill, it will gradually dry by planting; cracks, distortions and other uncomfortable events occur.

To avoid this, wood-producing materials pass dry and dry bruises are supplied to the market.

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