Best Houses

  • House projects between 150 and 249 m2 ) No4 (48) '2015 Draft ORIGINAL 47-170R

Draft Original: English

  • House projects between 150 and 249 m2 ) No3 (47) '2015 Project M-23-240R

Project M-23-240R, total 240, 4 square metres

  • House projects between 150 and 249 m2 ) No3 (47) '2015 Project BR-41-195R

Project BR-41-195R, total area 212, 9 square metres

  • House projects between 150 and 249 m2 ом No2 (46) '2015 Bour House

248, 8 square metres of base house

  • House projects between 150 and 249 m2 ) No2 (46) '2015 Special Forces Renessances (Project No. 173)

Renessance Specialist (Project No. 173) with a total area of 173, 9 square metres

  • House projects between 150 and 249 m2 ) No2 (46) '2015 Project D1

Project D1 total area 151, 0 square metres

  • House projects between 150 and 249 m2 ) No2 (46) '2015 Project D334

Project D334, totalling 154, 8 square metres

  • House projects Between 150 and 249 m2 ) No2 (46) '2015 Cotttage “Elena” (Project No. 179)

Helena Cotttage (Project No. 179) totalling 178, 3 square metres

  • House projects between 150 and 249 m2 ) No2 (46) '2015 Project KL-51-160R

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