25. На окраине деревни строят

Round House

A round house.

Round It's common in nature. However, the notion of " brand house " may also include a technology in which the logs are processed in special equipment and give the stem a rigid geometric form in the form of cylindra. That's where the name is cylindrovan. To distinguish these technologies wooden houses with hand shirts It's often called a round house. Why is the house from the Circle to order our master?

♪ We have full-time architects, designers and engineers, who are already in the planning stage to take into account all the building thinness.

♪ We only do. hand shirt♪ Faced specialization makes it possible to be real professionals in your case.

♪ All our carpenters go through specialized training. Training and a two-tier quality control system ensure excellent results.

♪ The Tekton Masters only use the northern winter logs. The shrimp passes the posterior selection and only the best material enters the cut.

♪ The log is produced only by a manual tool, scobel. You won't see any crust residue or blue on the brewers. Bitches are equated with manual electrocutanes.

♪ Our workshop specialists use only a professional tool.

♪ Our cuts are really rubber. Many manufacturers of all padding operations are produced with benzopila. This significantly reduces the quality of the adhesions and the surface of the floods. The craftsmen of our workshop process all the surfaces with accumulated axes, scobels and tiles.

:: The Tekton Masters guarantee the quality of work. The life cycle of our cuts is often greater than the legal guarantee period. Therefore, our specialists are always happy to come to check the equilibrium of the planting, the removal of the effects of wood drying and in any other case. Our support service works daily, no weekends, 24 hours a day.

♪ If you still have doubts, you can visit any of our facilities all over Podmoskov and elsewhere. Meet the customers, see the quality of the job, listen to the feedback.

The value of the works: 20,000r./m3 For the rough presentation of a 6x6 cut with delivery and installation, only 399 000r.
Call us in the office and you'll get the cost of construction on the same day if you called the morning or the next, if you called after lunch.
This price includes
∙ North-shine cut with an average diameter of 28 cm
• Delivery and collection of a cut to the jute fibre within the Moscow region.

Инструмент Ручная рубка
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