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How Much Is The House Worth

Responses to popular questions:
1. Can I just order a domicile without mounting?
Yes, of course, it's possible to order a housework without mounting any of the projects. It's also possible to manufacture a customer's sketch.
2. Where do the builders live and who pays for it?
The construction brigade lives in a construction household organized by the contractor. The extra fee for living and meals from the client is not being paid.
3. How much is the house worth? Under the key?
The value of the house under the key depends on the services and materials you choose. On average, this value begins from 18,500 roubles/m2
4. Can't we do the extra room, say a year?
You can't do this, but we recommend that the facades close at home.
5. How's the delivery going?
Delivery of materials to the construction site is carried out by a truck. No extra heavy equipment required. Handloading.
6. How long does construction take?
Construction of a prefabricated house, with no additional services, averages 20 to 25 days. The duration of construction depends on the dimensions of the house.
7. You building winter?
Yes, construction is running round.
8. Can I order a ribbon base instead of a swine?
Yeah, it's possible that the foundation of any kind is a ribbon, a monolithic plate, a swain-wint, etc.
9. Can we just buy panes and order a slice of them with a sample of herds?
Please, we're also running the panel separately. It's possible to have a cut on your sketches.
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