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The House Is Ready For The Key

gotovie doma 1Are you not ready to participate in the construction of your own house? Look for a ready house under the key?

For such a category of customers who would like to spend their time with minimal (or even no) investment in the construction of a new house in Lower Novgorod and the Legor region, the UK Dinastroy proposes the construction of ready houses under the key. All you need to do is go to the office to approve the architectural project of the prefabricated house and sign the construction contract.

A ready house under the key. Price in Lower Novgorod.

All the construction of a ready house under the key is the building company's team taking over. Looking for a future site and preparing a place for a new ready house.

Fundation, sewerage and engineering, electricity, internal and external sewerage are the main stages of building a ready house under the key. Upon completion of the construction of a ready carcasing technology house, happy owners may immediately embark on a journey and set up, as carcasing ready houses do not land.

Prepared houses are projects and prices.

Cattage projects. Carcas house projects. Dream house projects. Ban projects.

Look at the ready solutions in the catalogue of model projects. Choose the desired projects and compare the designs. The construction price is specified in the standard set, which is specified in the project itself. If you doubt, and for a long time, you can't figure out the project or its design, ask questions directly on the online consulting website or call the contact phones in the afternoons from 9:00 to 17:00.

You can also come to the Dinastrah building company's office and get free advice from the company architect on all matters concerning the design and construction of a pre-coded house on your precinct. Determine the choice of the project and, if desired, refine it under you. Streamlined for separate and construction materials. Calculate the final cost of construction on the key.

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