Красивые деревянные дома

Projects Of Beautiful Wooden Houses

Registered by the Ministry of Press, Television and Mass Communication. IP registration certificate No. 77-9179 of 31 May 2001.

- the most specialized publication in the wooden housekeeping industry. Each number contains housing units and siege complexes from various types of wooden designs: cylindrovan and rubber, clayed probe, as well as various materials: pine, kernel, etc. Also in each number, more than 40 projects of wooden houses from leading architects and builders have been submitted.

The Journal offers practical advice on energy conservation, environmental construction, processing and protection of wooden houses through modern technologies.

The official web site of the journal " New Houses " provides an opportunity to read online and to look at photos of selected materials published in the printed version of the magazine. We also offer our readers full digital versions of magazines (since 2009) for online reading. For example, you may be able to lick the journal of the New Houses No1(27)'2009. The new format suggests new opportunities for our advertisers. Now we can offer digital versions of active reference magazines to the advertiser ' s website, additional images, and even videos. For further information, please contact the advertising department.

Traditionally speaking as a general information sponsor of international Exhibitions of the Tree House and Red Wood Housesin the spring and autumn of Moscow, at the Crocus Expo International and the international architectural competition " Red wooden houses " . The World Expo Group organizes the exhibition.

The magazine's circulation is 50,000 exes, volume is 144 pages, periodicity six times a year.
Screening the journal " Treated Houses "


Since 2001, five editions of the magazine " Treat Houses " have been published in the publication per year, and the sixth number has been the special edition of the " Wood House Projects " registered by the Ministry of Press, Broadcasting and Mass Communication. IP registration certificate No. FC 77-19707 of 23 March 2005.

In early 2013, the special issue of " Village House Projects " was merged with another popular magazine called " 100 Cotttage Projects " , and began to be launched under a new name: “Projects of beautiful houses”

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