Фото в Строительство и ремонт

Construction Of Fishing Houses


Construction and composition of the building

100 per cent of the building ' s housing units ready to be installed: baseball panel, wall panels (exterior, partitions), closure panels, roof panels, roofs, roofs plus additional elements (by client ' s request) - Balcon, Terras, hinges.

1. Outer wall

Represents a carcasing structure from a row wood with 145*45 mm. There's a 150-mm base-wall stack of IsoBox / Inside, which has good strength and a heavy load. Base plates are not toxic, environmentally sound and are classified as non-combustible materials.

On the external side of the carcas, the OSB-3 EGGER GROUP is a 15 mm thick strip. The wall is warmed up by a 50 mm thick PBS-C-25F foam, which, because of its physical properties, is a very good heat and soundproof material. The wall panel facade is a STO decoration plant (Germany) based on organic materials.

The inner surface of the wall panel is the hyptic plate (GSP). The GSP is a fuel group of G1, since the hyps connector protects wood from burning. In addition, stoves are not exposed to mushrooms, are not damaged by insects and rodents.

The Tyvek vapour insulation membrane is located between the GSP and the basement contour, which allows the residual moisture from the contour and other components of the design to pass freely through it into the ventilated space, which prevents the accumulation of condensate, the destruction of wood, and prevents the degradation of thermal insulation.

2. Internal wall

Represents a carcas of buoy wood with 145*45 mm. Certified products of the largest normal moisture refining plants are used. This is a prerequisite for a quality carcasus for a future home. There's a 100-mm IsoBox/ExtraLite baslt protector located between the carcasage. This contaminant is long, at least 70 years of service, resisting ultraviolet radiation, chemical and biological contamination. Plus, the base contour has excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing properties. The inner wall shall be separated from the sides by means of a hyptic plate (GSP), a thickness of 10 mm.

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