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Construction Of A Tree House

If you've come to our site, you're interested in building a modern, long, environmentally sound wooden house, a cattage or a gift as quickly as possible. We can offer you model projects of houses from the brushe that will be built by our specialists for one month.

One of the important arguments in favour of Eco Domik is that our production base is located in the immediate vicinity of the wood rich in Novgorod (Pestovo), Tver and Wormod provinces. It has long been a tradition of wooden housebuilding, which is constantly being enriched by modern technology for effective construction. And a small distance from Moscow, St. Petersburg, has made a dream of a warm country house from the Pestovo brushe, real for the inhabitants of both these megapolis and other cities of Russia.

We will help you to overcome the problems of design, acquisition of materials, search for highly skilled handicraftsmen at the basement, house assembly, roofing and separation stages. This will help bring the village closer to a cozy, beautiful house from a living tree among the wildlife, far from the city, with its highly questionable environment.

The construction of our houses uses a classic rectangular square brushe designed by various methods. Among them, a pile brushe manufactured by a factory that is treated in a minimal manner. At the same time, there is a widespread use of a structurally low humidity brushe.

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