Старый деревянный дом

Yaroslav Village House

What is it, an old wooden Yaroslava? This historic theme was the presentation of a book and a project entitled " Jaroslava " wooden house" which was held at the Lermontov Library. For several years, students, members of the Monument Protection Society and the Rousse Geographic Society photographed old houses and collected materials on them. The Yaroslav village was represented in various architectural styles. It's classicism, modern, and eclectic. In our town, the cuts brought from the flooded Mologists and rebuilt here were also retained.

"And the village, the city, and the entire Jaroslav turbine we can still see. But it all disappears in front of the eyes, because houses are burning, they're rebuilt, they're siding, they lose cash. And by questioning whether it would be left in books, in photographs, and perhaps some corners of this kind of thing we'd still decide to keep for the future, " said Victoria Marasanova, Chairman of the Jaroslava City Office of the APEC, author of the Yaroslav village house project.

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