Проектирование деревянного

Village House Design

Рубленный_дом_из_кедра_в_американском_стиле.jpgThe Architects of the Russian Horows are working in a specialized AT Venza program. This is a productive decision to design wooden houses from the womb. The main advantage of AT Venus is the professional development of an architectural and construction project that provides specifications tailored to material, technology and production standards.

"Good house is being built, not bought!" Joyce Maynard

Architectural design services provided:


Wooden houses



Benefits in the selection of a ready and implemented project: You can not only quickly obtain all the necessary documentation for the construction of a wooden house, but also see the built-up building alive. All ready projects have a logo in the right upper corner of the picture! In order to build such a project (without modification) for you to the SPARK!

dom-edelveys1_1.jpgAmendment of the project taking into account the wishes of the Employer

You liked a certain project, but you want to change something about it? We are ready to reschedule and make any changes to your home or bath project according to construction standards. Owing to the abundance of ready wooden houses, the redesign and minor changes in facades have become a very common wish of the Prosecutors.

We are prepared to develop a case-by-case project for you, which may consist of a complex architectural ensemble that has been carried out in a single style: a wooden house, possibly a siege, a bath and a barbecue conversation, as well as a variety of small architectural forms that will steal your section.

Exclusive design from the brev is a rather new type of design that has been successful in the retaliation. If you're full of creative ideas, your future wooden house is saturated by exclusive elements, a combination of trees and stones to you in the shower, and a panoramic glazing of souls, then exclusive design is what you need!

The successful construction of houses from the womb depends directly on the quality of the projects and the documentation produced.

The architects of the Rous Khoroms are particularly sensitive to the design of wooden buildings: further literate construction materials save the finances of the Employer!

proekt-dvuhetazhnoy-bani-s-terrasoy-si_1.jpg proekt-dvuh-bannyh-kompleksov-iz-ocilind.jpg роскошные деревянные дома Беседка_барбекю_из_оцилиндрованного_бревна_260мм_1.jpg

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