Проект одноэтажного

One-Storey House Project

* The price is placed outside the wall set of the house from a standard section of 202x190 mm.
The price of the other components varies greatly depending on your choice of material and other factors.

As is well known, the construction of the house from the brushe starts with the project. And to make your dream house comfortable for you, it's necessary to consider everything as much detail as possible. The graphic design is the basis for design. Our architects will help you figure this out. I don't know how much you want to build a house, one-stage or two-stage, how many rooms you need, but you need to put it on the precinct. The graphic project of a single-stage house from a glued brushe is the key to success and saving money.

  • It doesn't lose a useful staircase and a stairwell. This should be taken into account when comparing the value of a square metre of a single-stage house with a double-deck.
  • Rest comfort. Is it easier every day to get up and down to the second floor?
  • Safer for the kids.
  • Consistent with the strictest rules of the cottage villages in height.
  • Teplus conservation and overall energy efficiency.

The architects of the ISL Construction Company have developed many projects of single-stage houses from a glued brushe of different sizes and stylist solutions. Cotttaggies in the same floor are in harmony at any site. Many believe that single-stage wooden houses More investment is required than two-stage. Not exactly. Yes, the primary investment is twice as much as the foundation and the roof. But if you look forward, you won't have the cost of a ladder, you don't lose the useful area of both the first and the second floor of the stairs and the hall. All this is the cost of one square metre of the house. If you count it, the cost of a single-story house will be close to the cost of a double-deck. The design of single-stage cottages is a difficult task, but this is the origin of the UFL architectural office.

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