Дачный домик под ключ

A Long House On The Key

Ground and zincane metal can be used as construction materials

If you're dreaming Good house.but you believe that building a brick is expensive and long, Bagnet suggests drawing attention to new construction technologies that save your time and money. We've taken into account technologies that are not more than 20 years old. We'll start a review from the cheapest construction options, and then we'll move to a more expensive one. The lack of technology has been explained to us by practical experts: the owners of construction companies, Eduard Ustians and Sergei Perbinis, who have been present in the construction market for more than 15 years.

We note that, along with the classic brick houses, the low-cost technology for building houses from the sandwich-panel (the price is $150-200 per square metre) has now come into operation. And even though she was a savage for Ukraine five to seven years ago, today the sandwich house is becoming increasingly confident in the hearts of middle-class people.

Genesis Technology House

1 square metres: -93 (without foundation)

Construction time for 50 square metres: 10 days. It's 15 days for the finishing room. In about 40 days, you can settle in.

The foundation of the house is a solid carcass from zincane metal that is not deformed by any atmospheric phenomena. It is important to note that there are no allergenic components in the design.

Carcas is produced under factory conditions. Because of its properties, technology allows houses to be built up to four floors. As long as the carcass is made at the factory, it is possible to prepare the foundation of the house in parallel, preferably in depth. After the carcas arrives at the construction site, his installation will be completed on the counted days. Other benefits of technology are low heat losses, lack of need for a deep foundation.

Experts have questions about sounding in houses built on such technology. Metal is not the best material for this purpose.

Construction of a home from the ground

1 square metres: $120-200 (without foundation)

50 square metres building time: 30 days

The idea of building a house from the ground isn't new. But only a few years ago, a hand-held electrical tool was created that seals the ground and other construction mixtures. As a result, each landowner can now make most of the details for one or two-storey houses at the construction site using the ground.

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