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Soil House Projects

  • A secure connection. At first, the buoyant brushe got the profile, and the lucky ones were free from the expensive copper. This profile was then complicated until the Austrian profile became a primitive pathogenous compound with one ridge and a puzzle. The builders have thus spared the need to put a sealer in the house between the Hungarians, and the lucky ones have acquired secure, unproduced spring houses. However, the other flaws of the linear brushe have not been shared, he's cracked, rotten, sat down. At that time, an imported glue brushe had emerged in the market, which had been devoid of all flaws, but was an extremely expensive material used in the construction of purely elite boilers.
  • Long life. The situation on our market has rebuilt the " Zodchi " by creating a mass production of a glue bar with an Austrian profile. And the eccentrics of peri-urban life have received something that the Soviet dormitories have not even dared to dream of: comfortable daisies, cottages and baths that are not even afraid of decades of exploitation under difficult weather conditions. Confidence adds to the company ' s long guarantee period to 23 years!
  • Available value. Another undeniable advantage is that wooden structures from Zedge are relatively low. Their value is rewarding many customers. Among the projects proposed, there are frankly cheap brown houses. Comparison of affordable prices and high quality of Zodchema is ensured by the fact that almost all designs are produced in the company ' s own combination. Large volumes of production have a positive impact on the cost of housework. And strict multi-level control by professional technologists on product quality.
  • Minimum period of manufacture and construction. Finally, the houses from the brushes are being set up fast. This is facilitated by modern technologies used in the collection of such houses and, of course, by the years of experience and professionalism of the company ' s builders, and by strict compliance with the contractual obligations that the company assumes.

Buy a house from the brushe. (including cheap spaces) should be approached at the Zdzego exhibition sites. The consultants will help you define the project and select the optimum setup according to your preferences, lifestyles and financial possibilities. In addition, there are representatives of partner banks who are willing to provide all information on existing credit programmes.

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