Сруб из бруса

Cut From The Brushe With His Hands

doma_iz_brusaA lot of people want to have a private house, and if it comes out of the brushe, and with their hands... But not everyone knows how to build a house from the brushe.

Let's start with the material. The tree is awesome to build its home, clean. It's not cold in a wooden house in winter, it's not hot in summer. The tree house needs to be built in two stages.

If the brace is unmarried, look carefully at the cut, if there are cracks, immediately dismiss the acquisition. But if you're lucky, and you've bought a great construction material, it's a small case.

First, you need to lay the foundation, if you have no idea how to do it, you'll go to a man who knows. The poundium is as normal as the building of a brick house.

Once the foundation has been shrinked, the partitions must be erected and the braces must be stacked as " inch " . The bruises need to be reinforced by special needles - they are used in the construction of structures without nails. Typically, they get two, three brushes. Such technology requires the rest of the building of the drained walls.

There is a need to make the floor. First, the ventilation holes need to be taken care of, or the boards will be raw. We need to get the boards out of the window and process the hydro-isolation machine. Follow the report and make the leather with nails. It's further processed by a special means against rotting and covered with half a foot.

Before the roof is built, where the walls end, the thick braces must be fixed. It's important to make sure there's no distortion. Anker chatters can be used for fixing. The ends that act are left to plant the brushe. We'll take the trail, tighten up the stretches and put it on the roof. The trail, along the stropile leg, must be smashed by the counter-insurance raid after the work has been done, it is possible to approach the roof itself. Dreams can be bought here.

At the last stage of work, we are installing the necessary partitions of doors and window frames. Slide the floor (not forget about the ceiling), put the heater on the floor, and cover the floor and the ceiling with special coating for the brus. Further, we do all the necessary sequential work, including water and electricity, and we enjoy it. Construction of a broth house!

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