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Building Houses

Игра ПостройкаWhen we were a kid, we all liked to dig in a sandbox, dripping out of dirt and water, real castles where toys and imaginary princesses could live. It's been a little bit of sandy now, and it's still far to the real deal... Don't give up your architectural talent! 'Cause there's so much fun on the network for those who really like to build new structures and rebuild what they're already going to ruin.

Building destruction

The building's ruiners are frail guys who can break houses and they don't do anything for it. Sometimes they get paid, but only once a month, no more.

  • Restructuring

If you think the building game involves building buildings, you're wrong.

  • From scratch

Professional builders have such an expression as " From scratch " . This means that construction begins with the drawing.

  • Construction of vehicles

Игра Строить с нуляThe car builder games suggest you build a track for a cool car ride.

  • Building houses free

In the game of building houses, you're offered a free-of-charge job for a crane delivery and installation of blocks.

  • For boys, construction

The Strike boys games will give you the opportunity to run a giant tower.

  • Construction of bridges

The games of bridges are a fascinating puzzle that is not for everyone to deal with.

Игра Стройка машинIn the game, you're supposed to build a real empire and make it faster and better than your competitors.

  • For girls, build houses and rooms

The girls' game of building houses and rooms gives you the opportunity to be a real designer.

  • Building pieces

Games on all possible structures are physically underneath. It's not that easy to build a stable structure.

  • Building from the tree

We will now build bridges through water obstacles. You have to connect some islands with wooden bridges.

  • Mechanisms

It's a toy for amateurs to ride with irons, sixs and chains. In short, we build mechanisms.

  • Building and destroying houses

This toy is dedicated to destruction fans. Would it look complicated? But try to destroy the design.

  • Building and destroying 2

In this game, you're gonna have to destroy old buildings to clean up a new building.

  • Bring home
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