Технология строительства

Woodhouse Technology

The brewery house is one of the most comfortable and life-friendly buildings. The advantages of a barbed house can be said indefinitely. The main ones are:

  • Environmental and comfort to live. Drevesin has a unique structure - there's a permanent air exchange inside it. The walls of a broken house are always breathing. The optimum humidity and oxygen balance will always be maintained in your peripheral home built from a manual cut. Furthermore, the natural properties of the tree have a very favourable impact on the health of people living in a wooden house.
  • Thermal. With the low thermal conductivity of the tree (3-5 times less than the brick) in the rubble houses, it is warm and cold in the summer. The wooden walls do not require additional thermal insulation even under the harshest conditions.
  • Longitude. Brewered houses from a wrench of hand-washing are significantly higher than Brew homeboarding and carcasing houses, and using modern fire and bioprotection materials, are approaching durability to brick houses.
  • Estetic. In beauty, it's hard to find something more natural and suitable for a country house or to give than the treated surface of natural wood with its infinite drawing.

However, all of the above-mentioned dignity will be fully realized only if all stages of the construction of the barren house are met with the technological requirements developed by a multi-century tree house and necessary for a valid, well-established house.

On this page, we will talk about the construction of barbed houses from hand shirt cuts in the construction of our firm.

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