Деревянное строительство

Wood Construction

Village construction is the main type of construction of extra-urban houses in our country. This type of construction has a number of advantages which make houses of wood the most attractive, both for permanent residence and for temporary, for example, only for summer residence. The temperature inside wooden houses at the expense of wood itself has remained stable for 24 hours and is not highly volatile. In addition to the temperature, humidity is also important and the tree can manage this parameter by providing the most attractive living conditions for the individual.
With regard to the choice of the material itself for the construction of the country house, the most commonly selected houses are the most suitable materials for the construction of the capital house, and it is the recently profiled brushe that has become the most popular. Through its properties, profiled brushes allow building houses not only with a high degree of thermal insulation but also with attractive appearances. Qualitatively profiled brushes can be used even without extra secession, and by looking at the site, you can make sure of it yourself, as well as your suburban project. and order construction
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