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Tree House Construction Prices

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Cost of building a wooden house

Costs for the construction of a wooden house

Despite the fact that modern construction technologies offer many different materials, the wooden housebuilding in the middle and north of Russia does not lose its popularity. The tree is " living " , a traditional material for our climate that has a number of undeniable virtues. Professionally constructed wooden house Green, reliable, unique, human-friendly microclimate and high aesthetic properties. But it must be borne in mind that building a wooden house takes much longer than, for example, a brick. This is primarily related to the special physico-mechnical properties of wood, a dryer, i.e., loss of moisture due to evaporation and, consequently, reduced volume. That's why a wooden cut needs some time to land. Furthermore, it should not be forgotten about the fire hazards of the tree and that it is exposed to the destruction of all pests, insects or mushrooms. There are special drinks to protect against such troubles. The cost of building wooden houses is affected by the material from which the house is constructed rather than wall material, the more naturally the cost of building a wooden house. The prices for the construction of a wooden house from a cylindrovan shrimp, of course, will always be much lower than the rates for the manufacture of a manual cut. In other words, the cost of construction of a wooden house sets the amount of time necessary for a specialist to perform a job. It is hardly possible to find examples where the same specialist can perform an hour ' s work and obtain, for example, 500 roubles, while some other work of the same grade can also generate 50 roubles. It should also be noted that the cost of construction of a wooden house is usually predetermined and includes either a phased implementation and a preliminary estimate of all phases or, for example, a " clean-up " or " key " when only the final result is specified and the intermediate components are not separate. ♪

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