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We cut the cuts only manually, so we can build individual, inexorable cuts of houses and banishes that will serve you for years without losing quality. We're doing the whole process. Construction of cuts From the choice of the wood in the dirt and to the installation on your precinct, which avoids unpleasant surprises for the Employer.

We're booked. Construction of houses and bath for the following reasons:

  • We don't buy wood, so the probability of low-quality material is excluded. We rent forest plots deep in the forest, 200 kilometres north of the Costrom. The wood is clean, tight. Cuts from the Costrom forest are practical, comfortable housing for the whole family.
  • We have all the necessary equipment for logging and transporting, and for house and bathing. Harvester-Forwarder logging units, tractors, hydromanipulators with disable trailers, trucks, mobile power plants, etc. This allows, in comparison with those involved in this technique, to lower costs, which means Cut prices
  • Hand shirt. Total quality control. The process of producing a wooden cut is carried out by old technology from the father to the son for centuries. The application of benzopyl has been minimized, i.e. only preliminary notes are made, and the paz and angles (chasha) are handled by the axe. Cuts are cut in the vicinity of the special area plots, which in turn causes problems with electricity for many producers, there is no possibility of breweding an electroban, in which case the cut is tight after the shirt, which does not correspond to the technology. Our carpenters tighten the womb right before the shirt, which ensures a tighter contact between the rows in the row.
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