Строительство домов из

Construction Of Tree Houses

2 Phase - wooden separation of the house (from 6 to 9 months after 1 stage).

Cost of building a tree house

The building block or under the roof includes:

  • Bovine and Leg Cut
  • Red northern mos for slacks
  • roof carcas (strikes, bars)
  • Extraction of mansards
  • Truck on front lines, carnivals, flights
  • consumables ( nails, slaughter)
  • Rujorie

The value of the kits includes delivery to the ICAD, unloading and installation on the premises of the Employer.

The cost of building kits under the roof of the most popular houses from the shrimp is as follows. The value of wooden houses shown in the table includes the cost of installation of the ruberoid roof kit.

House size Cost of home kit under roof (set), shirt
6x6 369000
6x7 397000
6x8 437000
6x9 470000
8x8 506000
9x9 57000000
9x9(5) 715000
9x10(5) 767000
10x10(5) 819000

The table shows the cost of construction of standard sets of houses from trees, but we also build day-to-day and peri-urban houses from the womb on our model projects. wooden houses and projects The scam.

Call and send your projects - we'll make a home plan and build a beautiful wooden house for you from a high-quality clean northern forest.

When selecting the price, it should be borne in mind that we include all the expendables and ruberoids in the construction of the house under the roof, while in most cases the costs in the construction are borne by the Employer.

At least six to nine months from the dry house. The cost of external and internal separation depends to a large extent on the materials used and the volume of work and is calculated on a case-by-case basis. For example, the cost of building a wooden house from a wrench of 6x6 with a mansard under a full internal and external separation is approximately 500,000 roubles (with no foundation).

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