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Building A Wooden House

ВИНТЕРMany Russians would want to live in their own wooden house. It has a special comfort. That's why PolarSIP specialists offer their clients houses built under a special system, Woodlock. First of all, it's hard to distinguish them from braces or cylindrobed brawns, they look almost the same. But Woodlock's woodworking houses are warmer, safer, longer, and they're only in weeks. Secondly, by combining all the advantages of wooden housebuilding and SIP technology, we can suggest that any house presented in our catalogue be built on the Woodlock system. If you haven't found a suitable project on the website, you can order an individual calculation of your claims.

ЛАПЛАНДИЯPopular projects

Total area: 50 m2

Useful: 42 m2

1.5. - mp

Plant set

Interview with the owner of the Finnish house.

What is the advantage of Woodlock's wooden SIP system?

  • The house is built from specially designed warm-up heaters separated by ventilated wooden beans.
  • The collection on the site takes place at once and does not require heavy construction equipment.
  • Woodlock's village house doesn't land even for the first year, which means there's no cracking and deformation of the loaded walls.
  • Such houses have high fire safety.
  • Savings in heating and electricity through the use of warmed panels can reach 50 per cent, as confirmed by studies of thermal conductivity and heat intensity.

In fact, it is the same well-known Russian consumer of a wooden house, but significantly improved by the use of advanced technologies.

Woodlock technology is based on basic technology for multi-layer panels. What are the sips of Woodlock?

  • The OSB or OSB-3 steam tree, most commonly the base or the tree. She's pressed from a large string, mixed synthetic resin with high pressure and temperature.
  • Fasad wood of high quality.
  • The foam-polystyreol protector is a propeller used in the manufacture of any sand-panel. The " greed " of material ensures perfect noise and thermal insulation.

All the panels made on Woodlock technology are perfectly safe and environmentally sound. In addition, unlike most wooden buildings, such a house would not give rise to the gastronomical interest of insects and rodents, thus maintaining its original strength for long.

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