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The carcasing houses are key-- low-cost, reliable and fast--- that's how they prefer to build home in Casani today. Such day-to-day houses are built literally for a " couple of days " , without a strong foundation and special investment. Despite the appearance of lungs, the walls of carcasal gift houses are safely protected from cold and wind, so in carcasing, the whole season will be warm under the key.

Imagine that this summer you'll be resting in your own cozy, happy house away from the shower city, dust streets, noise and transport.

Terem has built long-term houses in Kazani and its district for 20 years. The professional construction of gifted houses is our conks. So we can guarantee our clients a high quality of work.

and give up the house on time.

With 20 years of experience in construction, we have not only developed professionalism, but also good suppliers, which allows us to keep the lowest prices in Casani for the construction of housing and gift houses on the key.

Our company's professional staff will listen to any of your requests, consult on all the construction of your home. By ordering you, you will soon be the master of your own cozy house, your home!

20 years of building experience allows us to build any carcasing or brushe house on your project.

20 years in the market

Over the years, we have developed a wealth of experience and extensive links with suppliers, which allows us to keep prices low.

2,000 built houses

Over the past 20 years, we built over 2,000 houses. Our builders and slaves have so much technology that they can build with practically closed eyes.

Rate of work

We do not delay time, but often end even before the deadlines.

Up to 3 years of guarantee

We're providing a guarantee on our houses and baths up to three years.

Lowest prices

If you find a lower price for a similar house, just call us and we'll make a special price for you!

You'll be happy!

Credit construction

Thanks to our partners, you can order any building on credit. More about the service you can find in our office!

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