Красивые дома из дерева

Beautiful Houses From The Tree

Drevesin is a natural polymer, solid but easy to process. The tree contains fitoncides, substances that prevent rotting and kill diseased microbes. It is because of them in wooden houses that people are much less ill and the air is much fresher and cleaner than stones.

The wooden house does not require the use of climatic equipment, since the structure of this natural material already provides permanent air exchange to ensure optimum humidity and air. There's a special microclimate in these houses, very soft. Moisture is maintained at a comfortable level, the air is not breathing, but it is not too wet. This is due to the natural hygroscopicness of the tree, which absorbs the outside moisture and gradually returns it. In addition, there's a lot of air in wood that doesn't freeze winter and keeps from overheating in the summer.

Drevesin does not cause allergies or poisoning, has an egg structure that makes it a natural filter that absorbs harmful impurities.

The tree is one of the longest construction materials. For hundreds of years there have been many beautiful monuments of wooden renity. Contemporary materials used for wood processing have extended life expectancy many times.

The oldest structure from the tree today is the Horhu Ji Temple, which was located near the capital of Japan, Prefecture of Nara

The absolute advantage of a wooden house is its rapid and sufficiently simple installation, and construction can take place in a year. Contemporary materials have also been eliminated by another wood deficiency, a significant landing that homes give, for example, from the logs. Different types of adhesive brushes are not only quick build a house.but living in it almost immediately after construction.

And of course, the tree is irreplaceable to build a bath. In addition to the positive effects of the tree on humans, the walls of the tree will create favourable conditions for natural ventilation in the bath, as well as a good hold of heat. Village walls are almost 5 times less warm than similar brick or concrete walls.

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