деревянные дома из бруса

Wooden Houses From The Brass

To find out, The house from the brew is worth a lot.a number of factors need to be taken into account:

  1. Size of premises. The higher the space, the higher the cost of acquiring materials (i.e. bruise);
  2. The complexity of the architectural plan. The distribution of materials increases with the complexity of the plan, which relates to the construction of additional walls, sheets, bulkheads, closures, etc.;
  3. Cost of reference material. Bros have no fixed value because they are affected by many material characteristics:
    • Station. Bros has relatively many standards. It can be square (with 100...200 X 100...200mm) or rectangular (e.g. 150 X 100...200m).
    • The tree species. The cheapest bruise is produced from a local, common tree species. More expensive, from the silk north of winter, oak, kedra, leaflets.
    • The womb's purpose. The whole brace is cheaper than the spurple.

    Spoken (profiled) bruises from parts. Its technological process is more complicated, so the price is higher. However, its advantage is difficult to overestimate: such material does not land.

  • The characteristics of the foundation and blood;
  • Number and area of windows and doors;
  • Characterization of facade and other.

Therefore, the simplest way of calculating the estimates has always been for professionals who have the opportunity to accurately calculate the cost of construction, taking into account all types of characteristics, and to choose a home from many projects of houses from the brushes. It is sufficient:

  • Choose a project in a catalogue (any of the houses represented can be built from the brushe, as well as an individual project, even glossed throughout Russia from Pestova from the brushe)
  • Send the application (see form below) for detailed information on the estimates.

This is easier, more convenient and faster than self-adjusting the price of construction, taking into account the mass of characteristics, looking for construction prices and construction work.

How to build wooden house from the brushe low

To figure out how to build. It's cheap.a clear picture of the whole set of costs. End Brew house cost It can be divided into two components:

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