Профилированный брус Иркутск

Profiled Brushe

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- High-tech construction material, usually manufactured from softwood: pine, eel, leaflets, kedra.

The externally profiled braces are as follows: the outer face ( " street " ) may be either semi-formal or flat, with or without phases removed; the inner side ( " home " ) is usually buoyant; the other two sides are side-by-side, are shaped by a whip-p form which, in some forms of profiling, may be a contour. Depending on the designation, the probe is produced by different sections.

Profiled brushe is a modern high-technology material, and thanks to the existence of a stip-pas system Construction of wooden houses Profiled brushes are produced qualitatively and in short time.

Profiled bruises from wood by:

  1. and (or)
  2. Frequency.

In the first case, the plumber is initially released on two sides to the lafet. The laphet is then dispersed on the same pylorrams on the brushes of size, e.g. 150x 150, 200x 100 etc., depending on the size required. The next step is the tightening of the brushe to give it the necessary shapes: the two opposing sides (lines) may be straight or round, and the other two have a mirror profile in the form of pauses and schips. In the second case, the profiled braces are manufactured directly by cutting the logs from four sides. That's profiling.

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