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How To Build A Fortune

Беседки для дачи своими руками: правила строительства + 7 оригинальных идейWhat could be the comfort of a warm family circle when, after work, everyone eats at one table or tips on the weekends, and then in fresh air? What could be a careless, friendly party with a wine underneath a shoe deep in dacha, under the thick crowns of trees? Where can I be alone with myself, alone rest and enjoy quiet? Nothing will create a lot of recreational scenarios like a garden chat, whose very name contains the most pleasant moments of life - conversations - communication with family and friends, unity with nature. It would be particularly pleasant to have time in a conversation that was built with its own hands.

Interrogation with its hands is an easy task for those who are a little skilled and willing to be creative and fantasy. Initially, choose a good place to build a conversation and set up a site for construction. Having gone through a small stage of laying the foundation, consider the design of the carcas, based on their idea of setting up a conversation and the selected material for its implementation. Take the walls of conversation if you want it to be more closed, or build a low barrage if you want to get an air structure.

The final stage of construction is the forming of a conversation for which you can use a wide range of materials, ranging from a battle turtle and a polycarbonate, to a potato and wooden drama. And the latter is that the internal sequencing of the conversation should be realistically linked to its architectural solution, for which it is better to use the materials of natural origin present in the context of the debate. separation of walls♪ So, how do we start a separate construction?

Depending on the purpose of the conversation, for private rest or for noise, family teas or candle dinners, the site is either located in close proximity to the main house or " in the remote corner of the garden " .

It is essential that such a small architectural form be organically integrated into the garden site and support the style of the main house. This is particularly significant if the location on the open site is chosen for the interview, close enough to the main building. A conversation lost in the depths of the garden may exist outside the house-- it is only important that it harmonize with the natural environment - trees, handicrafts, water bodies and gas.

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