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How To Build An Ecodo

Good health!
We invite us to participate in a seminar on the construction of a biopositive home from the solo from the guru of Evgeny Ivanovich Chirokova (21-29 May in Podmoskovje)
There are only four days left before the seminar, and there are two free places!

Such skills through Eugenia have already helped many to find their warm corners in perfect conditions and without particularly serious costs, including our seminar last year from 10 to 16 August.

We'll continue construction. LONG housestarted last year, where you will have experience in carcasing, strawblocks, glina.
At the seminar, you will be able to master all phases of modern environmental housekeeping with minimal costs. The seminar programme, the curriculum and the details of the participation you can find in the group:

Our event combines such advantages as the proximity of Moscow (15 km from ICAD and 20 minutes of bus rides from Planerne Metro), but at the same time, it is in a clean, green place, on the banks of the Klazim River, on the shore.

Our seminar is still the only one in E.I. Chirokov's plans this year in Podmoskovje. And the only one in CRUGL is an ECODOME!

Living in an already built CRUGLOM UNION house in a nearby Submoscovia. You can feel what it means to live in a biopositive house - living in an already built-up ROUGLOM house. Three times a day, we'll feed you cheese and vegan food.

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