Деревянные дома из

A Cylindrovan Project House

We're both building underground and building and selling houses from a cylinrated log under the key, i.e., a sewer that can come into and live in a house, as we say in such cases: All you have to do is set up furniture and household equipment and put out the curtains.

The cost of cylindrovan-worm cuts is largely dependent on the selected diameter of the log, as well as on the project itself and its floor. The general rule is that the more shrimp is, the more expensive it is, and the more cost of collecting a cut. Find out the price of a particular project, and get the estimates for it, you can find on the page of your chosen project. Also on the project page, you can find a description, basic characteristics, and a photo of the project.

Generally, the price of square metre in single-stage houses from cylindrobed brawn The key is a little more than double-deck. This is related to the fact that the share of the costs of the foundation and the roof of the total cost of the house at single-stage houses is greater than at the house with two floors. For example, a single-stage house on the foundation of 8 mm x 8m will be 64 m2, and a double-deck is 128 m2. At the same time, the costs of the foundation and the roof would be the same in both cases and the area of the house would be doubled.

It is quite natural that most people in the construction of the house have the basic criterion of choosing the size of the house and its price, so the most popular among our customers is the two-stage buildings. On our website, you can find enough low-cost double-deck houses from cylindrovan.

We also wish to point out that if we conclude a contract for the construction of the project, it is free of charge. Well, if you like any of our projects, but you're planning on doing the construction on your own, you can just order any of our projects from cylindrovan wreath to the key by concluding a design contract with us.

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