Дома из профилированного бруса

Prepared Houses Of Moscow

Finnish company Visillatalot is the production of prefabricated wooden houses on Finnish technology. You can buy our houses in Moscow and other cities.

For more than half a century, construction companies from Finland have improved their own technologies for the construction of quality cuts and long houses from a tree. The Finnish wooden house is the subject of true pride of most Finnish companies, but not each can offer the most advantageous conditions for the construction and sale of comfortable private wood housing. Traditionally, the best Finnish houses in the brushe offer a young but professional and ambitious company, Visillatalot.

What are the Finnish houses that are ready for?

Today ' s Finnish technology houses are mostly single-sized steel structures from solid northern wood. Modern architects and engineers from Visillatalot are prepared to offer a wide variety of modifications, structures and even styles of tree houses. But if you decided to buy Finnish House in Moscow or the Underwater, then you have to take into account that you will get a comfortable home that is perfect for a decent, cozy life, not an extravagant building with a swivel.

Wooden Finnish houses are as functional as possible, sheets in operation and energy efficiency. The great characteristic of most wooden houses built by Visillatalot is windows reaching the ceiling, which provide a constant flow of natural light.

Visillatalot is trying to track modern technology and trends, so it is increasingly the construction of two-stage Finnish houses from the brushes that the Europeans so like.

The absence of balconies is an interesting feature of all Finnish houses. Instead of narrow balconies, every Finnish technology house is equipped with painting veranda and open terrace.

In addition, many Finnish prefabricated houses are supplemented by sauna, without which the finishes cannot be spent. The saunas, like the Finnish houses, are made out of the tree and, at any convenience, help to relax and relieve stress.

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