строительство деревянного дома

Construction Of A Wooden House

Accommodation of all modern wooden buildings, cattle, small hunting houses, baths, large houses today is fairly common

Over time, there has been a sufficient number of myths, which are common misleading. In this article, we will try to deal with some issues and expose the most common legends of tree buildings.

Myth is first. Unfit for round-trip housing

The most frequent misleading thing is that, in the understanding of ordinary people, a wooden house is a little summer house on a day where winter will be unbearable. They sincerely believe that living in such a building can only be comfortable in a warm time of the year.

The village house is often associated with a small fabulous structure, a summer date, a domestic or a carcass house. Of course there's a part of the truth. A lot of people have daisies, which are very difficult to move in winter or rainy season, or not at all. In towns where these docks are built, there is usually little convenience, so people mostly build carcasses.

However, a tree house can also be used as a full-fledged housing, as can a stone-throwing, expensive cottage or an ordinary apartment in a multi-stage area.

The modern wooden house is a fully built-in housing that includes all the benefits of civilization. There are the same fine windows and doors, modern laminate or traditional parks, and designer plumbing. It can also successfully detect alarms, television and the Internet. Details on how to implement such projects are looking at the reference.

As a result, we receive a fully comfortable and safe home. The only difference is the material for the construction of walls, they're from wood, not the usual brick or concrete. The wall material is used differently. It could be a brace or a shrimp. The carcasing demand for house installation has also gained well-deserved popularity, but it will be done using other construction methods different from the summer carcasing house construction.

Myth is second. Fire risk

Usually, as an argument that prevents the construction of a wooden house, people lead to low fire safety. It also adds the complexity of the choice of colour for construction and the appearance of insects. All these issues are well addressed, but the most important is fire safety. But look at this on the other side. If, for example, the house wants to burn, whatever material it's built, all things will burn anyway. Smoking in bed is prohibited in any room is the basic rules of culture and security.

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