Дом из профилированного бруса:

Prefabricated Brushe Building

Визуализация проекта Скандинавия из профилированного бруса 210мм. Проект Д-60.House from a profiled brace from the UK Clyen manufacturer. Design and construction of secure and comfortable houses and cottages since 2004, with a factory guarantee. The profiled brushe produced by UK has excellent geometry and performance. The wide selection of crops, the possibility of producing both a dry, probe and a natural humidity brace, and the use of two most popular profiles, Finnish and German, meets the requirements of most customers.

Photo of houses from profiling brushes

Ordering a profiled brushe from the Kleung manufacturer, You get a quality lumber fully prepared for the assembly-- the work of a carpenter on the construction site is minimised, since the wall is actually a designer. The drying, profiling and coughing occurs at the production, and each element is performed with an accuracy not achieved by manual handling.

Construction of houses from the profiled Core

The construction of houses and cottages from the " key " profiling line is a priority area for SK Kleung. The company fully covers the entire construction cycle, from the construction of a sketch project and the production of a wall kit to the finishing section of the Pod Key.Профилированный брус Also, since recently, we have been working on the construction of the " All On " programme, in which case the Employer receives the construction of a fully-prepared furniture and equipment. There is a rich portfolio of built baths, houses and cottages from a profiled brushe. The project is being developed free of charge in the construction of houses from a profiled brushe in SK Kleung. The main construction regions are Saint Petersburg and Leningrad, Moscow and Moscow.

Д58 из сухого профилированного бруса 185х185мм Д-62 Хутор - дом из профилированного бруса 210мм Заготовка для производства профилированного бруса Профилированный брус
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