Купить готовый дом цена

Prepared House

Prepared carcasing houses are text and graphic kits, which include building cloths, drawings and explanatory parts. Projects allow Carcas-Complete clients not to order costly and long-term individual solutions and to start construction faster.

Housework project Carcass technology consists of two parts. The architectural passport is needed for the building's geneplane, and you'll need it if you're applying for mortgage. It provides general data on the construction of the building and the design of the facade. Another part of the ready carcasing house project includes drawings and schemes necessary for construction and installation. Carcasus houses have a full set of construction documents, so you're not going to be able to agree on the work of the competent authorities.

The carcasing house project is your main document for the future cottage, and it will allow the building to be inherited, the insurance, the contract of sale or gift. A generous project will spare you any problems with the law, give the working crew all the necessary information and bring the news day closer.

Carcasses ' ready projects can be bought from Carcas-Complek. The prices of carcasing houses vary depending on the volume and complexity of the works, the type of building and the additional wishes of the customer. We'll offer you ready solutions, or we'll develop an individual carcas house project.

To calculate the cost of the project, answer five short questions on the Carcas-complect site or leave a telephone contact number. The company officer will call you back and give you full information.

The project is accompanied by a ready house of carcasing house that you can then collect your country cottage. With a certain degree of effort, it can be done on its own and seriously saved by the services of the outside organizations, but if you want to move into a new house soon, you can hire a working group, and it'll be ready in a week.

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