Продажа дома, Кострома

House Of Astrom

It's in the car.
Sergei, good day.
I'm talking to you about the problem: I have a soldier, and he's about to quit. He was born with Donetsk province, when the war began, he went to Russia, acquired citizenship. A year worked as an engineer at the factory, then called for an emergency. At the end of June, he quits, and he's basically nowhere to go. The home is under the yont, the family is in Kostrom, the registration is over, and the place of work at the factory has not been kept.
Guy's bright, he's determined, he's not stupid. He wants to work in specialty. Looking for a place. He needs a job and a living. If you have the opportunity to tell or help with the employment of a Ural enterprise, it'll be great.

If anyone has any options, put Ivan in a line:
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