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Stone On Wood For Home

You can choose domestic and industrial wood processing systems of different designs and operating principles. All wood processing and spray can be done with them. Let's meet the main types.

Types of wood processing plants at destination

  • The work consists of the spinning of the bodies, the drilling, the cutting of the harvest. The wood fabric allows for the manufacture of furniture and structures, fason parts, decorative products.
  • The fermentation units perform thorns, a sample of pauses, an zenkernel. Depending on the size and capacity, they provide wood machines for the house and production equipment.
  • The harvesting is one of the most popular production operations. For a smooth straight and angular cutting, a format-length machine is used. Rapid disclosure requires ribbons, peppers and circulars. The lobster machines are best suited to the figure drink.
  • Furniture products are processed with limb-block machines. It cuts and glues both straight and curly edges.
  • Double and sliding machines on the tree.
  • The black and pure surface processing of the tree is carried out by voyage-fugal and sliphal machines.
  • Combinated machines are multifunctional and capable of carrying out several operations - cutting, rigging, fencing, etc.

Instructions.Ru offers a wide range of wood processing equipment and associated equipment suitable for productive and domestic use. Village tags from major world and Russian producers - JET, PROMA, Makita, Encour and many others. All wood-producing machines are guaranteed by the manufacturer. If you doubt your choice, our consultants are always willing to provide their assistance and consult you on issues of interest.

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